• Ohlone College

    Steps to Earn College Credit

    To earn the articulated credits at Ohlone College you must do the following:

    1. Enroll in a course that is articulated between Ohlone College and Mission Valley ROP.

    2. Apply to Ohlone College for the Fall semester of the school year you are taking the MVROP class.

    3. Complete an Ohlone College 2+2 Student Contract for Credit form, including your Ohlone College Student ID, and give it to your MVROP teacher before the end of the class.

    4. Pass the MVROP class with a B or better.

    5. If you earn a B or better, the MVROP Teacher and Program Coordinator will sign the Ohlone College 2+2 Student Contract for Credit form and submit it to Ohlone College to be processed.

    6. Once the credits are processed and added to a Ohlone College transcript, students can request a copy of the Ohlone College transcript to submit to the college they plan to attend.

    For more information about articulated courses at Ohlone College please see their Career Technical Education Pathways webpage.