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    Remote Learning Guidelines for MVROP Students

    During this unprecedented time, we all are doing our part as community members to flatten the curve and reduce the transmission of the COVID-19 novel virus by adhering to the ongoing six-county modified shelter in place ordinance. Due to the ongoing pandemic, to ensure the safety and well being of our staff and students, MVROP began the 2020-2021 school year remotely via distance learning for the ROP Center Campus and all programs. 
    To ensure the continuity of educational services to our students, MVROP will continue to conduct distance learning, or virtual classrooms, in lieu of traditional in-classroom instruction. Our MVROP instructors have focused on new and innovative virtual lesson plans which provide Career Technical Education (CTE) instruction for students so they continue to attain the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure future success in their college and career paths.
    To help guide students and their families regarding this distance learning structure, here is a simple breakdown of expectations for lessons, attendance, communication, and grading for the 2020-2021 school year:
    Instructors will provide
    • Daily lessons/ instruction via virtual classrooms utilizing Zoom and Google Classroom to students enrolled in MVROP CTE Programs.
    • Weekly feedback will be provided to students.
    • Office hours for student assistance will be available. (Please refer to the class syllabus and teacher webpage for info.)
    • All assignments will be graded and feedback will be provided.
    • Letter grades will be issued at the end of each quarter and semester.
    Students are expected to:
    • Daily participation and/or engagement with the instructor (Note: students not engaged in daily participation will be marked absent. After two days of absence (no engagement) MVROP will pursue contact with parents and/or student home school, followed by a counselor and/or administrator assistance.
    • Turn in all assignments electronically
    • Conduct themselves with the same respectful classroom behavior expected as in-person instruction.
    Students and/or parents with questions regarding this remote instructional structure should contact their MVROP instructor directly. All students enrolled in CTE programs located at the ROP Center Campus should go to their instructor's webpage for detailed course information and instructions. If you do not know the name of your instructor, please visit this page referencing all MVROP CTE programs. Teacher information is included in the course information. 
    If a student or family does not currently have wifi/Internet access, MVROP recommends for them to contact Comcast regarding its “Internet Essentials” program, which provides two free months of Internet service to low-income families.
    MVROP is proud of its staff and how they continue to adapt and apply innovation to address these educational challenges. Even though our classrooms and daily lifestyles have a very different look and feel, the intent and sentiment remains the same- we will get through this together. As we do this collectively, we are helping to ensure our most vulnerable members of society are protected during the current health crisis. We may be operating remotely, but the MVROP community remains connected.