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    Welcome to the MVROP Virtual Program Videos Page

    MVROP has nine career pathways students of the Fremont, Newark, and New Haven Unified School Districts can explore. Here you can view custom videos from our teachers about each of the programs available at the Center Campus. 

    Visit our video playlist by clicking here or scrolling below to view the program videos shown during a past MVROP event to learn more about Career Technical Education (CTE) and how you can launch your path toward success. 

    If you have questions about our programs or would like some additional information, please email info@mvrop.org 

    Event Videos (all programs) 


    Computer Science Principles & Digital Electronics (Instructor: Mr. Brittain)


    Construction Technology I & II (Instructor: Mr. Bui)


    Game Design/ Interactive Media Arts I & II (Instructor: Mr. Chase)


    Civil Engineering & Architecture - PLTW (Instructor: Mr.Brittain)


    Auto Painting & Refinishing I & II (Instructor: Mr. Cimino)


    Medical Assisting (Instructor: Ms. Cimino)


    Law Enforcement/ Homeland Security I & II (Instructor: Mr. Crawford)


    Digital Video Production Arts I & II (Instructor: Mr. Cruz-Pivaral)


    Principles of BioMedical Science/ Human Body Systems & Medical Interventions/ Human Body Systems (Instructor: Ms. Farooq)


    Automotive Technology I & II (Instructor: Mr. Finley)


    Fire Technology (Instructor: Mr. Guzman)


    Emergency Medical Reposnder (EMR) (Instructor: Mr. Guzman)


    Pharmacy Technician (Ms. Ha)


    Music Production (Instructor: Ms. Caitlyn Lee)


    Sound Design for Film & Video Games (Instructor: Ms. Caitlyn Lee)


    Nursing Assistant (Instructor: Ms. Brucker)


    Sports Therapy (Instructor: Ms. Lehua Lee)


    Careers in Education I & II (Instructor: Ms. Shepherd)


    Computer Animation I & II (Instructor: Mr. Chase)