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  • Production Operator – Touch-up Rework (Day Shift & Swing Shift)

    Job Overview: 

    Responsible for touch-up rework tasks related to SMT operations. Reports to Production Supervisor. Located in Newark, CA.

    Primary Job Responsibilities:
    1. Perform Touch-up Rework tasks:
    •    Hand solder & Touch-up Rework for SMT (Surface Mount Technology) & Through-hole (including BGA and ICs) components and Jumper wire,
    •    Remove/install components as per IPC-A-610,
    •    Touch up solder joints & trimming leads,
    •    Clean PCBs (Print Circuit Board), cleans workpieces, using chemical solutions, files, wire brush,
    •    Perform rework based on the ECO, Process Deviation, and MPI instruction using a specific type of solder or Flux (Leaded/RoHS clean or no clean process),
    •    Install and hand solder all 2nd ops. & SMT parts/components as required per MPI, deviation, and unique rework processes.
    2. Execute written/verbal instructions given by supervisor and monitor efficiency and quality of assigned routine tasks:
    •    Check and inspect task results against predetermined standards,
    •    Communicate all issues found during hand soldering to the Production Leader.
    3. Provide team support:
    •    Demonstrate work methods to new hires,
    •    Share best practices, assist in minor troubleshooting,
    •    Actively participate in cross-training.

    Job Qualifications:
    •    Prior on the job 3-5 years or more practical manufacturing experience,
    •    User knowledge of ESD, Board handling, and Safety Practices including Personal Protective Equipment,
    •    User knowledge of components and their polarity, including resistors and capacitors,
    •    User knowledge of IPC-610 and J-STD-001 Soldering Standards,
    •    User Knowledge of latest revision-class 3 workmanship criteria is a plus.

    Salary Range: $20.00 - $25.00 / Hour

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  • Conformal Coating Operator


    Job Summary: 
    Conformal Coating Operator operates the coating and dispensing machines, masks and tapes the circuit boards, and inspects to ensure proper coating coverage. Reports to the Production and Warehouse Operations Manager located at Unigen HQ, Newark, CA
    Primary Job Responsibilities
    •    Operate several different dispensing and coating machines to meet customer specifications.
    •    Properly mask and tape circuit boards in areas that are to be free of conformal coating or potting.
    •    Inspect assemblies to ensure proper coating coverage. 
    •    Ensure proper operating conditions are met by regularly maintaining the coating and dispensing machines.
    •    Maintain consistently high-quality circuit boards by removing any excess coating and performing manual touch-ups on areas that the coating machine may miss.
    •    Transport racks of circuit boards from one destination to another to continue the manufacturing process.
    •    Ensure proper and efficient operation by changing/flushing the fluids and mixers and cleaning the machines as necessary.
    •    Foster a productive work environment by consistently upholding 5S cleanliness and organization in the workplace, keeping it clutter-free.
    •    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must always be worn during machine operation.
    •    Additional tasks may be assigned by the supervisor to accommodate fluctuating production requirements.
    Required Education and Experience
    •    Prior knowledge of function is highly desirable.
    •    Demonstrate the ability to lift diverse weights (5lb - 20lb).
    •    Physical mobility is required, including sitting, standing, and/or walking for most of the shift.
    •    Must be able to always work safely and independently.
    •    Good dexterity and patience are a plus.
    Salary Range: $18.00 - $26.00 / Hour

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  • Production Operator – SMT


    Job Function: Production
    Job Overview:
    The SMT Equipment Operator is responsible for set up and operation of automated surface mount technology equipment. Reports to Production Supervisor Newark, CA

    Primary Job Responsibilities:
    1. Responsible for the overall operation of the assigned SMT line/unit:
    •    Set up and operate automated SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly equipment including Screen Printer, Pick and Place Machine, Reflow Oven, and X-Ray Machine,
    •    Clean boards and load printed circuit boards into equipment,
    •    Pick components and load feeders,
    •    Perform visual inspections of SMT assemblies,
    •    Unload finished assemblies from equipment and store them according to work instructions.
    2. Execute written/verbal instructions given by supervisor and monitor efficiency and quality of assigned routine tasks:
    •    Monitor PCB (Printed Circuit Board) assemblies through the process and report discrepancies to Supervisor line lead or SMT technician,
    •    Inspect finished boards for quality and quantity of work performed,
    •    Read and follow work instructions and visual aids,
    •    Check and inspect task results against predetermined standards,
    •    Identify, communicate, and escalate production issues and problems.
    3. Provide team support:
    •    Demonstrate work methods to new hires,
    •    Share best practices, assist in minor troubleshooting,
    •    Actively participate in cross-training.
    •    Prior on-the-job experience of 2+ years in the same or similar industry,
    •    High school diploma is required,
    •    Ability to work with speed and accuracy and follow written and verbal instructions,
    •    Familiarity with SMT automatic assembly equipment: Screen Printer (Panasonic NM-EJP1A), SPI (TRI7007), Pick & Place (Panasonic NM-EJM8A; Fuji Amex 3), Reflow Oven (Vitronics XPM3i),
    •    IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies,
    •    Familiarity with ADP Workforce Now (Employee Self-Service Portal).
    Salary Range: $19.00 - $27.00/ hour

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  • Respite Care Provider

    Become a Respite Care Provider! 

    Pacific Homecare Services specializes in providing non-medical in­
    home care for individuals with disabilities. We hire compassionate, honest, and respectful advocates who are ready 
    to make an impact in a family's life! 

    What's Respite? 
    Short-term care for a child or adult with a developmental disability allows the parent or primary caregiver a break.

    Our Purpose: 
    To provide peace of mind by caring for others like family. We believe a little bit of our time can make a big difference! 

    Are you ready to make a difference? Apply Now! 
    To apply: PacificHomecare.com/apply-now

    Contact: Angel Estrada (510) 239-5506 x166 

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  • American Swim Academy


    American Swim Academy is always looking for energetic individuals who love working with people. We have full and part-time positions available. Apply today and grow your career with us!

    F U L L  A N D  P A R T - T I M E
    P O S I T I O N S  A V A I L A B L E

    Y E A R - R O U N D  P O S I T I O N S

    $ 1 7 - $21 P E R H O U R
    C A R E E R  O P P O R T U N I T I E S

    P A I D  T R A I N I N G

    Enroll for year-round indoor swim lessons at any of our 5 Bay Area locations! 

    C A L L 1 - 8 0 0 - 8 1 0 - 7 9 4 6

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  • Amazon JOBS


    Know of a family member or friend looking for a job with flexible hours? Know someone who is starting over due to the pandemic? It may feel overwhelming searching on the internet, so let us come to you. Stay in touch with Amazon’s latest opportunities and events by signing up for SMS/Text alerts.

    TEXT: SFNOW9 to 77088

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