• Superintendent Hanson February 2022

    Dear Mission Valley ROP Community,

    Despite varying interruptions for students and teachers over the first semester, we have to celebrate once again having students at the ROP Center Campus complete a full term of in-person, daily instruction. The entire community has continued to struggle to carry this unpredictable burden of working through the pandemic. Our role as educators is to continue to offer support and high-quality instruction while keeping facilities clean and compliant. Mission Valley ROP students successfully focus on daily operations and will continue finishing the second semester. We are especially attentive to staff needs knowing that we would be hard-pressed to continue operating successfully without a healthy corps of instructors. Thank you for your continued patience.

    These next few months come with challenges specific to Mission Valley ROP. Many of our students at the ROP Center Campus are enrolled in courses designed to support an internship of community classroom experiences. Most of our placements and student work sites are connected to the Health Sciences sector. Many of those facilities do not currently accept volunteer student placements, forcing us to get creative to make the most out of the sites that do. Again, we are still dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, transmissions, and intermittent staff/student positive test results. We are making progress from where we were a year ago and still have much to do to return to the activity levels of March 2020. However, we are confident it will come.

    Although Mission Valley ROP continues to adapt to operational pandemic challenges, we are happy to report we have had one of the best fiscal years in recent memory. MVROP has successfully gathered matching grant funding for several specific programs from the K12 component of the Strong Workforce Program and saw a two-fold increase in other grant funding from the California Department of Education. California has increased investments in Career Technical Education (CTE) at the state level, and MVROP is collecting funding for programming as a result. We have started remodeling an Advanced Manufacturing building this year – a former welding classroom and workspace. We have committed well over $1 million to refurbish and re-roof this building and continue to gather grant funds to complete purchases of new equipment and simulators. We plan to enroll students in this program from Ohlone College, the regional adult schools, and our three districts in the Fall.

    Mission Valley ROP has provided a stable and consistent technical education curriculum in career pathway training for the Newark, New Haven, and Fremont Unified School Districts for over four decades. While education and many other industries pivoted to remain connected yet remote, Mission Valley ROP continued to provide quality curriculum and training for college and career via customized CTE distance learning for students. Students were given a space to create, experience continuity, and hope for the future.

    We look forward to continuing our 40+ years of service to the Mission Valley ROP community and the Newark, New Haven, and Fremont Unified School Districts.


    Thomas Hanson

    Superintendent, MVROP