Greetings from Superintendent Hanson

  • Superintendent Hanson Dear Mission Valley ROP Community,

    Just this week classes for the 2018-2019 school year started in our district. We are excited to report that Mission Valley ROP is as strong as ever, and is looking forward to another successful year of service to our three districts, Newark, New Haven, and Fremont. We continue to work on improving the quality of Career Technical Education for students in every program whether housed at the Center Campus or at other school sites. 

    Mission Valley ROP has been receiving extra CTE grant funds to ensure our Career Technical Education programs are high quality by eleven measures. Mission Valley ROP has been able to invest in special projects for the past three years because of these funds. We have allocated funds towards teacher training and workshops, student certifications, connections with Ohlone College, student leadership organizations, guidance and career counseling, as well as many capital projects both here at the MVROP Center Campus and numerous school sites. We have been very fortunate to be able to represent our three districts in this grant opportunity. Students in every district have benefitted from enhanced learning experiences along with updated classrooms and equipment.

    We are entering into our last year of the original grant and have plans to continue remodeling classroom labs at several schools. Projects such as Culinary Arts (student kitchen) remodels, a new state of the art automotive spray paint booth facility at the Center Campus, and developing plans for a welding shop facility project are normally out of reach. We are taking full advantage of funding so students learn industry standard skills with industry standard tools.

    A significant area of work for Mission Valley ROP is preparing students for college and career. We have increased the number of articulated courses through which students are able to earn actual college credit while still in high school. We have nearly quadrupled our number of students earning college credit in the past three years. Last June, we had over 800 students earn college credit due to their Mission Valley ROP enrollment! This also is a significant money saver for students who may need elective college credit to complete a certificate or degree program. We are excited to continue exploring new opportunities to serve student needs in our programs with efforts like these.

    We look forward to an exciting 2018-2019 school year. We are planning events that will open our campus such as our MVROP Back to School Night and the MVROP Fall Advisory Meeting. Please take the opportunity to visit the Center Campus and learn more about our CTE programs.


    Thomas Hanson