Greetings from Superintendent Hanson

  • Superintendent Hanson Dear Mission Valley ROP Community,

    Just after we ring in the New Year, Mission Valley ROP will start planning for the 2018-2019 school year in Newark, New Haven, and Fremont Unified School Districts. Mission Valley ROP looks forward to enhancing the already available high quality Career Technical Education (CTE) coursework as we move into this next year. With courses in nine industry sectors, Mission Valley ROP offers rigorous and relevant coursework to prepare students for college and career. 

    Our mission is to “prepare students for employment and college through industry standard tools, training, and experience.” We have had a very successful year of investment in updating many classrooms and their equipment. The current CTE Incentive Grant has allowed Mission Valley ROP to contribute significant funds back to all three of our districts in the form of renovated classrooms, new technology, and tools. We have made progress upgrading all but two of our culinary classrooms in the past two years. We are not finished with these upgrades, and continue to plan projects at James Logan and Irvington High Schools. It also gives me great pleasure to report the near completion of the new spray booth facility at the ROP Center Campus for the Automotive Painting and Refinishing program. Completing the construction of a new building for student learning mirroring industry standards is exciting. 

    It is true that CTE has never been more important for students’ long-term success. Schools everywhere are searching for rigorous and relevant ways to connect UC a-g coursework with something tangible for students. 

    We continue to work hard to update and articulate what we teach in CTE to coursework available at the many regional community colleges. We now have thirty-nine course articulations with post-secondary schools. This is a very important opportunity, as well as financially significant for students to avoid paying for classes they already have credit for, and enabling them to apply those funds on additional goals. This is a real educational refund resulting from CTE. Students completing coursework at Mission Valley ROP are eligible to be recognized by their community college for work already completed because of our efforts to align ourselves with those industry sector courses. For those who are interested in only UC a-g coursework, we have dozens of a-g courses listed on the website along with the list of community college articulated courses.

    It also is a focus of Mission Valley ROP to expose students to post-secondary CTE opportunities in the Tri-Cities. Our partnership with the Tri-Cities One Stop on the Ohlone Newark Campus remains active as students are shown how beginning CTE training in high school can seamlessly lead to Ohlone College certifications, AA degrees, and local industry opportunities. The Tri-Cities is home to a robust economy with a large demand for a technically trained workforce, and in particular, advanced manufacturing.

    The key to our successes truly lies in our talented and dedicated teachers. They are doing the majority of the work with students, and at Mission Valley ROP, it is no different. They are a group of industry-trained professionals second to none. 

    We look forward to continuing with our 40+ years of service to the community and the Fremont, Newark, and New Haven Unified School Districts.


    Thomas Hanson