• Superintendent Hanson April 2023

    Dear Mission Valley ROP Community,

    This Spring, our federal, state, and local governments have all relaxed COVID restrictions nearly 100%, allowing for the return of what MVROP succeeds at most- hands-on instruction and students pursuing their career goals with our advisory members. In the spring months, MVROP is busy with hundreds of student internship/externship placements in local and regional business offices, clinics, and worksites. Just a year ago, we were still recovering from the shutdown that prevented student placements at complete levels compared to pre-pandemic numbers. As we continue to re-establish all facets of Career Technical Education (CTE), we are reminded daily that our students take rigorous coursework that is supported and tested in many cases by a student internship Community Classroom placement. This hands-on learning style of instruction aligns with the MVROP mission statement and the foundations of CTE. We are grateful for our local business partnerships and the students who pursue these life-long learning opportunities. You may even see some of our students in action when you attend your local doctor’s office or medical sites!

    MVROP has repeatedly invested in its CTE programming thanks to the state’s Career Technical Education Incentive Grant (CTEIG) and the K-12 Strong Workforce (K12 SWP) Grant programs funds that have been awarded. These ongoing matching-dollar grant programs reward CTE programs like MVROP for administering Technical Education. The grant funding aims to invest in and strengthen career pathway experiences for students who will eventually be in the workforce.

    As shared in past community updates, MVROP has also been able to make program and facility improvements with these one-time, annual grant awards. Thanks to our proactive grant efforts, other notable programs, and Center Campus success include the progress in completing building upgrades for the welding shop and staffing and outfitting it with new equipment. This is an excellent example of what we have allocated workforce funds to this year that will still function decades later. Technical manufacturing is a high priority for our region and state, and we are putting ourselves in the middle of highlighting the need for workforce development that produces high-wage, high-skill students for current industry demands. 

    We also have significantly invested in upgrading tools, equipment, and project vehicles for our Automotive Technology program. Mission Valley ROP was fortunate enough to purchase new hybrid and electric vehicles, knowing that the mechanics of tomorrow will need the instruction, skills, and experience to work on the current hybrid and electric vehicles on the road. This is a costly but necessary step forward for programming to ensure our Automotive Technology program remains in line with current technology and hiring trends.

    There continue to be cutting-edge Arts, Media, and Entertainment, Health Science and Medical Technology, and Engineering courses offered in our programming. Students are making their own movies, learning how to care for actual patients in healthcare facilities in this community, and designing and testing electronic circuits that do specific tasks. The skills needed for today’s technically-demanding workforce are all part of what is available at Mission Valley ROP.   

    We look forward to continuing our 40+ years of service to the Mission Valley ROP community and three Newark, New Haven, and Fremont School Districts.


    Thomas Hanson

    Superintendent, MVROP