Greetings from Superintendent Hanson

  • Superintendent Hanson Dear Community,

    Welcome to Mission Valley ROP!

    Mission Valley ROP has offered stable, high-demand, and high-quality programing to students in the New Haven, Newark, and Fremont Unified School Districts for over 40 years. As a three-district Joint Powers Agreement program, we serve students in a way that allows us to offer trending courses unique to our school. In addition to several Digital Media Arts and Health Science offerings, we continue to maintain our traditional trades programs, such as Transportation Technology, Construction Technology, and Public Services. Mission Valley ROP is fortunate to offer coursework at the MVROP Center Campus located at the corner of Stevenson and Blacow in Fremont, as well as ten local high schools.

    For the past four years, Mission Valley ROP has been the fortunate recipient of Career Technical Education Incentive Grant funding from the state. California has offered extra funding for programs like Mission Valley ROP to invest in high-quality coursework, instruction, and student experiences. Our response to this opportunity has been to create some additional programming, but mainly to refresh and improve current programs with new equipment and facility upgrades. Each JPA member district has enjoyed classroom renovations, staff development, new equipment, and investments in career-oriented student organizations. We continue to refresh and update our course experiences for students who require industry standard training for current workforce needs. 

    Our highest priority falls in the area of student preparation for College and Career. MVROP focuses on matching our curriculum to regional community college offerings in technical areas as well. This can result in our students receiving credits for college level work on a transcript prior to actually graduating from high school. Currently, over fifty percent of Mission Valley ROP programming is articulated and can save a student with post-secondary goals money later during their college experience. This ever-growing need to create seamless career pathways from high school through college programs is our area of expertise, and we offer numerous career pathways in several industry sectors. For students not necessarily pursuing career exposure, about sixty-five percent of our coursework is University of California UC “a-g” certified! We have exciting opportunities for every student, regardless of their career aspirations.

    Mission Valley ROP CTE programs experience much of their success thanks to our talented and dedicated teachers. Their industry expertise is critical to guiding students through what lies ahead in the real world of employment. They are a highly skilled group of professionals second to none.

    We look forward to continuing with our 40+ years of service to the community and to continued student success in CTE for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Thomas Hanson