• Computer Science Principles/Digital Electronics-PLTW & Civil Engineering & Architecture-PLTW


  • Instructor: Mr. Maurice Brittain
    Location: Mission Valley ROP Center Campus, Room 401
    Contact Information:
    Phone: 510-657-1865 x15401
    Email: mbrittain@mvrop.org
    Class Schedule 2024-2025:
    • 8:30-10:30 Computer Science Principles/Digital Electronics-PLTW
    • Block 2      Computer Science Principles/Digital Electronics-PLTW (KHS only)
    • Block 2      Civil Engineering and Architecture-PLTW (KHS only)
    • 1:45-3:45   Computer Science Principles/Digital Electronics-PLTW/Civil Engineering and Architecture-PLTW

    Industry Sector: Information and Communication Technologies and Engineering and Architecture

    UC/CSU A-G CoursesPLTW's Computer Science Principles and PLTW's Digital Electronics each meet the Area D: College-Preparatory Science requirement.

Course Syllabus:

Course Flier:

  • Civil Engineering & Architecture Flier  Computer Science Principles/ Digital Electronics Flier




Certifications Available

  • 26 students earned a certification for the 2023/2024 school year

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College Credit Earned

  • 35 students earned 111 college credits for the 2023/2024 school year