•                                   Digital Photography and Digital Imaging

  • Instructor: Eric Stampfli
    Location: Mission San Jose High School Room E7
    Contact Information:
    Phone: 510-657-3600 x37058
    Email: estampfli@mvrop.org

    Class Schedule 2023-2024:

    • 1st Period:   Prep
    • 2nd Period:  Digital Imaging
    • 3rd Period:   Photography 1
    • 4th Period:   Photography 1
    • Lunch
    • 5th Period:   Photography 1
    • 6th Period:   Photography 1
    UC/CSU A-G Courses: Digital Imaging 1 & Digital Photography 1 each meet the Area F: Visual and Performing Arts requirement.
    • Students in Digital Imaging 1 that earn a B- or better and meet all requirements may earn college credits at Ohlone College.
    • Students that earn a B- or better and meet all requirements in Digital Photography 1 can earn college credits from Mission or Ohlone College.

Course Fliers:

  •    Digital Imaging   Digital Photography Flier

Course Outlines:

Certification Available

College Credit avaliable to those students meeting requirements

  • 154 students earned college credit for the 2022-2023 school year. 

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