• share your story

    Are you interested in letting others know about your experience in ROP? Sharing your story is a great way to help prospective and current students. Submit your story and we will contact you if it is selected to be featured on our website.

    Please email to info@mvrop.org.

    When sharing your personal ROP story please try to include the following guidelines:

    Which ROP class/classes did you take and why?

    What did MVROP teach you?

    Since Graduation what have you been doing, what are your plans?

    Advice for prospective or current students?

  • MVROP Employment Resource

    employment sign

    Employers contact Mission Valley ROP requesting to hire alumni students such as yourself.

    Job postings from these employers are posted on this page https://www.mvrop.org/employmentresource.

    Don't forget to mention when you apply that you are an MVROP Alumni Student!

  • scholarships

       Scholarship information can be found here.