Common MVROP FAQ's

Have questions? MVROP has answers to the most common FAQ's: 


What is MVROP?

Mission Valley ROP (MVROP) is a Regional Occupational Program/Center, is part of the California State public education system that provides college and career preparation, which includes technical skills training for high school students and adults.


What is Career Technical Education (CTE)?

CTE prepares students for a wide range of high skill, high demand careers. Through the hands-on integration of rigorous and relevant industry-approved curriculum, students learn real-world application of skills that prepare them for college and career. MVROP presently offers instruction in eleven industry sectors and 59 career pathways in partnership with business and industry, community and technical colleges, and four-year universities creating clear pathways to certifications and degrees.


Who can enroll in a MVROP course?

Students attending high school in the Fremont, Newark, or New Haven Unified School Districts are eligible to attend MVROP classes.


Adult students 18 years and older must qualify to enroll in an adult CTE course by attending orientation and successfully passing an entrance exam.


How do I sign up for a MVROP/ ROP CTE course?

High school students will sign up for CTE Courses during pre-registration at their home school. They can contact their School Counselor, College/Career Specialist, and/or visit their Career Center for more information on scheduling.


Adult students should contact the Registration office in mid June to inquire about our adult program. They can do so by going to and click Adult Programs or by calling 510-657-1865.


What is the cost of an MVROP CTE course?

There is no cost for high school students enrolled in the Fremont, Newark, and New Haven Unified School Districts. Charter School, home school and independent program study high school students should contact the MVROP registration office for program cost information. 

Adults pay a registration fee, a deposit, and additional costs for materials, lab coats, and testing. MVROP is part of the public school system and designated as a non-profit organization. Therefore, adults are responsible for program costs and financial assistance is not offered.


How does a MVROP course fit in my school schedule?

Students can choose to take an MVROP course as an elective option. Typically, junior and senior level students enroll in courses at the ROP Center Campus since they have completed some mandatory core courses. Freshman and sophomore students can take MVROP courses offered on their home campus.


Do I earn high school credits in MVROP CTE courses?

Yes. MVROP CTE courses are accredited for high school elective credits. Some courses are also articulated with local colleges therefore students have the opportunity to receive college credits as well. All courses award credit based upon completion of course competencies, hours of attendance and passing grades.


How long do classes run?

Courses located on the ROP Center Campus are two hours long. The morning block courses are held 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and the afternoon block courses are held 1:45 p.m. to 3:45 p.m., Monday through Friday. All MVROP Center Campus courses run for one full school year.


Courses on the home school campuses run at various lengths. Please check with your Career Center or go to your counselor for more information.


How do I get to the ROP Center Campus from my school?

Buses pick up/return students to the ROP Center for both morning and afternoon blocks. Students should contact their school career center for bus pick up/drop off locations and schedule information.


How do I collect the college credits earned by taking various MVROP CTE Courses?

Ask your ROP instructor and/or visit for articulation information for the various colleges.


Are classes offered during the summer?

Not at this time.


How can I get request a transcript?

Students who took a class at MVROP in high school must contact their high school and request a transcript. Adult students who took classes as an adult at MVROP can contact our Attendance Specialist at (510) 657-1865 ext.15111 to request their transcript. There is no cost to obtain transcripts, but proper identification will be required.