MVROP would like to share some heart-warming news that connects back to one of our very own staff and community partners- Sgt. Stan Rodrigues and the Union City Police Department. 
A Union City girl scout and her mother were selling cookies in front of a local grocery store as a fundraiser when they were robbed at gunpoint. Neither the 12-year-old girl nor her mother were hurt, but they were understandably upset. So were the police. Many of the officers involved in the investigation have children actively involved in scouting, and donated their own money to cover the loss from the robbery. The Union City Police Officers Association purchased all of the girl’s remaining boxes of cookies and covered the loss of money stolen, totaling more than $1,000 to the mother and girl. MVROP Instructor and President of the Union City Police Department Association, Sgt. Stan Rodrigues, provided a check yesterday for all of the cookies ensuring the girl and her mother would not have to go back out and fund raise again after this scary experience. 
Please join MVROP in applauding Sgt. Rodriguez and  our valued community partner,  the Union City Police Department, for  this kind and generous gesture.