Presenting the 2023 MVROP SOTY Scholarship Winners!

With great pleasure, MVROP announces our 2023 Student of the Year Scholarship winners!

Congratulations are in order for the following students:

Transportation Pathway:
Medha Raghuraman (WHS) from the MVROP Automotive Technology Program

Finance and Business/Marketing, Sales, and Service Pathway:
Benjamin Kroeten (AHS) from the MVROP Entrepreneurship Program

Education, Child Development, and Family Services Pathway:
Zoe Campagna (WHS) from the MVROP Careers in Education Program

Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation Pathway:
Donovan Perez (AHS) from the MVROP Culinary Arts II Program

Arts, Media and Entertainment Pathway:
Matthew Pabalate (JLHS) from the MVROP Sound Design for Film & Video Games Program

Information and Communication Technologies Pathway:
Tanvi Goyal (IHS) from the MVROP Internet Engineering II Program

Building and Construction Trades/ Engineering and Architecture Pathway:
Shane Tavares (NMHS) from the MVROP Construction Technology Program

Health Science and Medical Technology Pathway:
Weiwei Xiang (MSJHS) from the MVROP Medical Assistant Program  

Advanced Manufacturing Pathway:
Ryder Kendall (NMHS) from the MVROP Welding & Metal Joinery Program    

Public Services Pathway:
Yalda Habibzada (JLHS) from the MVROP Law Enforcement/Homeland Security Program    

MVROP recognizes these ten exceptionally talented students through our MVROP social media channels, the website, and the 2023 MVROP Student of the Year Awards Program on Thursday, May 11 @ 7 p.m. at the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley Hotel. 

MVROP would also like to extend a special round of applause for the following scholarship sponsors: VEC, Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Mayor Lily Mei, The Elks Club, and Steve Kay. We could not provide this opportunity without the support of these sponsors, so please send kudos their way for promoting student success! 
Please join MVROP in celebrating the 2023 Student of the Year Scholarship winners!