June 1, 2012 - Avanzando Awards Hard-Working Students, Faculty

Newark Patch, June 1, 2012 - Avanzando Awards Hard-Working Students, Faculty

Dozens of students and educators were recognized Thursday night as Newark Pavilion played host to the fourth annual Avanzando Awards.

Originally started in Newark in 2009 and going non-profit in 2010, Avanzando strives to promote the advancement and empowerment of Latino youth, families and community through the ways and means of dedication to education.

This annual awards ceremony takes place to recognize both faculty and students who strive to do just that in both the Newark Unified School District and Ohlone Community College system.

For the faculty, those who were awarded were individuals who were identified as role models and make extra efforts to make a difference for Latino students.

As for several of the student nominees from Newark Memorial High School, they were selected based on their academics, pride in Latino culture and their extracurricular activities.

Many of the students are in the top 3 percent of their classes and currently taking AP and Honors classes. Some of them are even the first in their families to go to college.

This was also the first year where scholarships were given out to three of the high school students.

Several city and school dignitaries were present for the ceremony and kicked if off with a few opening remarks; such as Newark Mayor Al Nagy, Newark Unified School District Superintendent Dave Marken, Ohlone College President Dr. Gari Browning, Mission Valley Regional Occupational Program Superintendent Pete Murchison and Avanzando Board President Vivien Larsen.

Those who were awarded are listed below:

Newark Educators

Cathreene Watters; Bunker Elementary School
Rossana Panuco Sepulveda, Edith Scott; Graham Elementary School
Catherine Diaz Centeno; Kennedy Elementary School
Pauline Kim, Bertha De Anda; Lincoln Elementary School
Lilia Woo, Julie Hendricksen; Milani Elementary School
John Montoya; Musick Elementary School
John Mitchell; Schilling Elementary School
Jessica Tommasini; Snow Elementary School
Tera Murray, Maria Huffer; Newark Junior High School
Ramon Dominguez, Raquel Copado; Newark Memorial High School
Mario Guerrero; Bridgepoint High School
Administrator of the Year: Nicole Paredes, Schilling Elementary School

Newark Student Awards

Newark Memorial High School

9th Grade: Mariana Rangel Castrejon, Edgar Loza
10th Grade: Brianna Gomez, Jose Gonzalez, Kimberly Sierra Jurado
11th Grade: Camille Clark, Yoshi Itzel Rodriguez, Angel Vera
12th Grade: Arlette Jacome, Natalie Pena, Priscilla Rodriguez, Venecia A. Valdez, Victor Verdugo

Bridgepoint High School

11th Grade: Dulce Joanna Sanchez
12th Grade: Meranda Lucio, Grace Martinez, David Romero


$500 Scholarship by Arteaga’s Food Center: Valeria Gonzalez
$500 Avanzando Scholarship: Yara Granados
$500 Avanzando Scholarship: Jesus Loza

Ohlone Community College District Awards

Students: Genna Garay-Enguidanos, Isaac Campos, Joaquin Mendez, Kyle Thompson
Administrator of the Year: Dr. Leta Stagnaro, Associate Vice President Academic Affairs

Special Recognitions

12th Grade Students: Valeria Gonzalez, Yara Granados, Arlette Jacome, Jesus Loza, Meranda Lucio, Grace Martinez, Natalie Pena, Priscilla Rodriguez, David Romero, Venecia Valdez, Victor Verdugo
Educators: John Montoya, Musick Elementary School; Bertha De Anda, Lincoln Elementary School
Administrators: Nicole Paredes and Dr. Leta Stagnaro